Privacy Policy

Skywalkr wants to collect and keep as little personal data as possible. We store your name, your company name, and your email as a minimum, just to know who we are doing business with, and to send you an invoice. Obviously we keep information about what subscription you have and the renewal date.

When you sign up for a subscription with Skywalkr IVS you automatically accept a data processing agreement with Skywalkr IVS as the data processor. That agreement commits Skywalkr IVS to ensure that we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Skywalkr has our own data processing agreements with the Cloud Hosting Vendors Google (Google Cloud Platform) and Digital Ocean ( DigitalOcean, LLC.) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). You can see their agreements and effort to comply with GDPR here.

Skywalkr uses Google, Digital Ocean and Amazon for hosting our virtual Private servers, and thereby your websites and data. No personal information at all is shared with Google and Digital Ocean.

Other personal information that is collected by Skywalkr and stored by 3. party vendors:

Stripe: For processing payments. Your name, email and credit card information is shared with Stripe but never stored anywhere in our system.

e-conomic: Accounting software for management of invoices and bookkeeping in general.

Drip: Marketing, system and product service emails. Your name and email is shared.

Google G Suite: For all e-mail communication with customers and website analytics.

If you want to delete your data drop us an e-mail on and we process your request as fast as possible. All other requests regarding privacy can be sent to the same e-mail.

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