About Skywalkr

Skywalkr started in 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark, with one mission: To build the fastest, easiest WordPress hosting environment for both bureaus, freelancers, consultants, graphical designers and all others working on the WordPress platform.

Skywalkr was founded by Thomas Hartvigsen, who – as a web developer – was disappointed with customers’ slow and difficult hosting providers. He wanted to gather all customers in one place with the best conditions to easily and effortlessly roll out sites and make them run as fast as possible.

Skywalkr is for all companies that run a WordPress site and is dedicated to those who design and develop them as well as those who take care of the daily maintenance. At Skywalkr we have customers in all businesses – from sole proprietorships to large companies with several thousand employees. And they all have one thing in common; they all want fast WordPress hosting.

Skywalkr is built on the best cloud hosting providers: Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. We make it easy for our customers to have their WordPress site hosted on the best possible hardware and infrastructure.